Explosions heard in Saudi capital Riyadh, officials say Houthi missiles intercepted

A Saudi-owned satellite news channel says ballistic missiles fired by Yemen’s Shiite rebels have targeted the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Al Arabiya reported Wednesday that the Saudi military had intercepted the missiles.

Saudi Arabia’s air defenses intercepted two ballistic missiles over the capital Riyadh on Wednesday, state television Al-Ikhbariya said.

Four consecutive loud booms were heard in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh on Wednesday, Reuters witnesses said.

There was no immediate word from the rebels, known as Houthis.

Saudi Arabia and its allies launched a war in March 2015 on behalf of Yemen’s internationally recognized government against the Houthis, who control Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, and much of the country’s north.

Since then, the Houthis have launched some 100 missiles into neighboring Saudi Arabia, mostly near the border.

The United Nations, Western nations and Saudi Arabia say Iran supplies the Houthis with long-range missiles capable of reaching Riyadh. Iran denies arming them.

Credit: Dailysabah

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