Drones to Manage Ramadan Crowd in Makkah’s Grand Mosque

As per reports by Saudi media outlets, the deputy commander of the Umrah forces, Major General Mohammed Al-Ahmadi has stated that the Umrah crowd management plan for this Ramadan involves security, as well as organizational and humanitarian aspects.

Adding further he said, that any pilgrims displaying signs of distress will not be permitted inside the premises of the Grand Mosque, taking into account the safety of them as well as of others present inside.

Pilgrims coming in with luggage will also be denied entrance at the Haram plazas.

As per reports, apart from the drones, the safety plan is also inclusive of a security aircraft and an approximate of 2,500 cameras that will incessantly observe the movement of the crowd.

Around 2,400 policemen along with 1,300 security patrols have been assigned to carry out the security plan of the Grand Mosque.

Director of Makkah Police Major General Fahd Bin Mutlaq Al-Ossaimi has stated: “The Makkah Police will group pilgrims and visitors at the Grand Mosque to facilitate their entry and exit.”


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