Anthony Joshua Refuses to Fight Deontay Wilder in the USA

The fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder has yet to be finalised, as the British boxer has refused to fight in the United States out of concern over the judges and referees potential bias.However, the conversations between both parties continue to be held and Joshua, along with his representative Eddie Hearn, has been the most recent party to make a move and take the lead in the negotiations.Matchroom Boxing, who have masterfully handled the boxer’s career thus far, are only willing to accept to make the jump to the United States under their own conditions.Not even the offering of 50 million pounds from Wilder’s team to have the fight in Las Vegas has managed to convince Hearn.

In addition, Joshua has already expressed what the sine qua non is for the fight.”I owe it to all those who have been supporting me in Great Britain, I must make an effort to get this fight to be in the United Kingdom,” he said in an interview.”Wilder has said ‘well, great, come fight with me in the United States’. But the thing is that I owe it to my fans to do it here.”According to Joshua, there is also a second reason to prevent the battle from taking place on US soil.”Secondly, if I go to the US, there are many tricks that can be done in terms of referees and judges, and that is why I want it to be at home,” Joshua explained.However, the Englishman has not closed the door on the fight despite the location still being yet to be determined.”Fortunately, we have enough time to make the fight happen and we are working on it,” he concluded.

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